December 2012

 The Sale Pen


Briggs Ranch bull 148/12 was purchased at the 2014 Tri Star Sale


The Eagle Hay Barn

The Ford Equipment Barn

LCR 108

Our young bull LCR 108 has been recognized as the Champion Santa Gertrudis Bull, in his class, in the 2011-2012 Rio Grande Beef Improvement Association's bull development program . This long bodied , smooth, young bull is a son of 2S 3113. In the 2008-2009 test the same honor went to LCR 811, a son of KR 419/02. The prior year the selection went to our bull LCR 705, a son of 2S 3113 and in the 2006-2007 test, LCR 601, another son of KR 419/02, received the same recognizion. This means that La Campana Ranch has produced the champion bull in this class for four of the last six years. The bulls were graded on average daily gain, rib eye area, weight per day of age, marbeling and scrotal circumference.

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A local historic landmark was added to the ranch when an adjoining tract of land containing La Chusa Hill was acquired. See pictures in the Gallery, page 1

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There is a unique area on the ranch known as Las Tiendita (the little stores) where an outcropping of large bolders interrupts the rolling hills of the brush country. This was used as a landmark for travlers in the early days. With its many crevices and small caves it is today the home to an abundance of reptiles, mammals and birds, as well as a varity of cacti and other flora. To see pictures of the area go to Gallery, page 3 (5/30/04)

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The historic Devil's Water Hole, located on the ranch, was written about by noted Texas historian J. Frank Dobie in his 1924 book Legends of Texas. The latest pictures of the Devil's Water Hole and the surrounding area are found in the Gallery, page 5.

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We want to express our appreciation to John Nelson of Cotulla Texas and Pat Harrington of Vallejo California for allowing us to use their photographs in our web site. Their pictures can be seen in the Gallery, page 2 and the Home Page.

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The 2010 U.S. Census report shows that the population for McMullen County (where the ranch headquarters is located) is now 707, down 16.9% from the 2000 census. This makes McMullen County one of the most sparsely populated of the two hundred and fifty-four counties in Texas.