La Campana Ranch

George West, Texas

Rainfall Report 

La Campana Ranch is a livestock operation spanning three centuries. It is located in the brush country of South Texas, in the counties of McMullen, Live Oak and Duval. La Campana in Spanish means the bell.

On January 9, 1875, title to the property that would become La Campana Ranch was transferred by land scrip from the State of Texas to Adams, Beaty and Multan. This was in payment for "opening and cleaning out a channel in the Sabine River". Seven days later on January 16, 1875, Adams, Beaty and Multon sold the land to William L. Rogers of Corpus Christi, Texas for twelve cents an acre.

On July 11, 1881 Manuel Rogers, son of William L. Rogers, registered a brand for Rancho La Campana in the "First Book of Brands - Duval County Texas 1876 - 1882". During the early years, the Rogers family operated the ranch primarily as a sheep and goat operation. The family owned the property until 1911.

Our family has owned the ranch since 1939. Seven generations of our family have lived in McMullen County and four generations have lived and worked on the ranch.