La Chusa Hill - May 2005

The ranch has recently acquired an adjoining tract of land in the Loma Alta area of McMullen County. It contains La Chusa Hill, an historic mesa that is visible for miles. This land had been in the same family for nearly a hundred years and we are pleased to be able to add this historic landmark to La Campana Ranch. A second mesa, the Devils Center Table, is also on the property.

The mesa on the right is La Chusa, on the left is the Devils Center Table.

The view looking South across La Campana Ranch from the Devils Center Table.

Full moon during the Summer Solstice, as seen through the rocks on top of La Chusa.

This fireplace, at the base of La Chusa Hill, is all that remains of a house built in the 1800's that belonged to local legend Bragg Wright. He had lived a colorful life and was killed in a shootout on the property. He had requested to be buried on top of La Chusa Hill and it took twelve men to carry the casket to the top of the hill. The body, in resent years, was moved.

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Capilla de La Campana dedication - October 6, 2002



The ranch chapel was designed by Mac Chesney of Chesney, Morales & Associates, San Antonio, Texas and built by Louis Kaase of Kaase Construction, George West, Texas.

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